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Library morning: Tuesday May 1st, 2018

The 4 to 6 years old will have Story Time with the Librarian at 10am at Hayward Main Library for half an hour of story time, departure from the school: 9:20am.

The 3 to 4 years old will have Story Time at 10:30am for half an hour the same day, departure from the school: 9:50am.

Please, make sure to explain to your child how to behave in a library. Prepare him/her. Take him/her to the library beforehand if you can.

Then, children will be able to read a few books or if they have a library card, pick up books. We will stay at the library for one hour, then return to school.

Remember, your child should read books every day. Bed time is t he best time to lay down with him and read 1, 2 or more books. He will love it and without you knowing it, he can read!

For all field trips, parents are the drivers.

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