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Our academic program is challenging and stimulating with a comprehensive curriculum. Recent studies have shown that children retain what they learn better in a multi-sensory environment.


With the manipulation of didactic learning materials and the freedom of movement and choice in the classroom, the child is learning independence and developing self-esteem. These are two key factors of education that allow children to reach their highest potential in learning.


Maria Montessori saw that the preschool experience in the pre-primary environments provided the foundation for the elementary grades. Children learn lifelong skills of independence, sense of order, ability to concentrate, coordination and respect for others. They are also a part of a school community where they are able to see appropriate behavior and values modeled for them by older students.


During the independent classroom work period, children select the Montessori materials from the shelves around the room. Children learn language concepts, numbers and quantities, shapes and colors, size discrimination and about the world around them through the cultural subjects such as geography, botany, zoology and history. They are able to develop good work habits and refine their academic skills.




Boy attentively tracing circles as part of the language arts training at Eiffel Tower Montessori Preschool and Daycare in Hayward, California
Girl painting at Eiffel Tower Montessori Preschool and Daycare in Hayward, California
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