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Children learning math with the abacus at Eiffel Tower Montessori Preschool and Daycare in Hayward, California
Girl learning math using the 100 board at Eiffel Tower Montessori Preschool and Daycare in Hayward, California
Children and teacher in the year-round garden at Eiffel Tower Montessori Preschool and Daycare in Hayward, California

Eiffel Tower Montessori School has had a remarkable impact on our daughter's development. She genuinely looks forward to going to school each day, and that in itself speaks volumes about the wonderful environment they've created. The caring and patient teachers have created an atmosphere where she can learn while also making friends and enjoying herself. We wholeheartedly recommend Eiffel Tower Montessori School to anyone seeking a nurturing and enriching educational environment for their child.


The Mackin Family

Eiffel Tower Montessori is a great preschool and kindergarten and we recommend it to other parents all the time! Our two children were both enrolled there and love going to school. We, in turn, love seeing their yearly growth and hearing them tell us about everything they learn and enjoy at school on a daily basis.


Additionally, we really appreciate the diversity of children in the school. The staff is caring and the school is small enough where we feel like all of the teachers get to know all children well. The director is Montessori trained and you can tell she is knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. Whenever we have parent meetings to discuss our children’s progress we always got very thoughtful updates that show us they really see the potential in every child. The teachers work with the children to build a very strong foundation for success in higher grades. Our eldest child is more than prepared to enter first grade and is already an advanced reader and eager learner.


- The Kong Family

I would like to let you know how thankful and happy I am that I sent my son to your preschool. All I wanted was for him to be able to socialize with other kids and learn the basics, but I am very impressed the way he turned out. He learned more than the basics, he can read, write, spell, do math and more at his early age. Next year, he will be going to a different school, in my heart I hope he continues to learn. As a mom I’m worried that he may not get the same attention and training that he was given at Eiffel Tower Montessori. During his interview at his new school, they were very impressed. He knows more than the average kid. They said ‘you must have a good preschool.’ I always recommend your school to coworkers, friends and people who live in the area. I talk about my son a lot and about how good his preschool is.


- Bernadette V.



Since my daughter has been attending Eiffel Tower, she has built up her self help skills as well as her overall academic skills like reading and writing, which are the two foundations of language. In addition, she has grown close to Ms. Veronique and the teachers there.

- Joshua T.



I cannot believe that my daughter is already reading at the age of four. This is amazing, thanks to Eiffel Tower Montessori (Veronique)!


- Chiaka O.



Eiffel Tower Montessori is a wonderful learning environment for children. My two boys have learned so much from the basics of self-help and reading, writing and arithmetic to history, botany, and zoology. In addition, I have observed many instances of the highest care and concern for children by the teachers and staff at Eiffel Tower Montessori.


- Kim P.



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